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Steady Network

Our high speed internet means you can:
Video conference,
use HD VoIP services,
Send and receive files,
Surf the web, and
Stream video.

No Data Limit

Unlimited Data
No need to worry about silly data caps.
All our plans come with unlimited data so you never have to worry about excess data charges.

Get set for the future

Let our technology work harder for you and your business ambitions, knowing it’s ready for whenever an opportunity comes your way!

10x the Speed

Experience true power with 10x the speed! Get the:
Fibre Pro Plan
Gamer Fibre Pro Plan

Get Blazing Fast Wireless Internet from R399/mo

  • Faster Installation (within 12hrs from activating plan package for Wireless Installationns)

  • Unlimited Data (data caps are not present.)

  • Free Installation (when signing up for a 24 month contract.)

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