UltraLAN Micro UPS (DC & PoE) – 45W 8.8AH

UltraLAN Micro UPS (DC & PoE) – 45W 8.8AH

The UltraLAN MUPS45W8.8AH is a compact DC-to-DC micro UPS with USB, PoE and DC output options, ideal for backing up cameras, routers and other 12V devices. The UltraLAN MUPS45W8.8AH model offers passive PoE output additionally, ideal to keep your Wireless CPE or Router (such as MikroTik or Ubiquiti products) going during a power outage. Simply run a Ethernet cable directly from the Micro UPS to your CPE/Router to power it up.



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UltraLAN Micro UPS (DC & PoE) – 45W 8.8AH


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