Residential Services


Residential Internet

With up to 40Mbps* download speed and 10Mbps* upload speed, our residential customers are streaming Netflix, using multiple devices throughout the home, uploading images to Instagram and videos to Facebook more than ever.

Estimated costs of home installations

  • Installation distance longer than 15Km will be evaluated by Khula Tech Solutions and handled accordingly.
  • Minimum installation time is 2 hours, if surpassed hourly labour charge will be billed.
  • Contract budget will cover up to R 2700 in total costs, if charges exceeds R 2700 the client will be billed for additional costs.

All installations are done by qualified installer and technician.

Please note that, if you wish to request a quote, we will need to do FREE line of sight inspection FIRST. We can not provide an accurate quote before this has been done. Also, all lighting earthing must be done and is not part of installation costs. The Client is responsible for the earthing of the building and/or mast. If this is not done by the client, Khula Tech Solutions will install the earthing on the building and/or mast at additional costs only if requested by the owner. Safety of equipment is the Client’s responsibility and NOT that of Khula TEch Solutions.


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